Basic Views


Defining basic views ensures that the application can effectively communicate the current state to the user.

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Implementing basic views is crucial to providing a seamless and intuitive experience for users. Early implementation of these views in the application development process not only enhances development efficiency but also contributes to upholding a consistent application design pattern.

Defining Basic View

Defining the basic views within an application ensures that common scenarios are addressed, providing clarity and guidance to users in various situations. A basic view typically consists of:

  • Icon: Visual representation aiding in quick recognition of the view's purpose.
  • Title: Clear and concise heading conveying the context of the view.
  • Description: Additional text elaborating on the current state or condition.
  • Action: Guidance or interactive elements allowing users to navigate or respond to the given situation.

Examples of Important Basic Views

Some important basic views include:

  • Empty State: Signals to the user that no content is available, providing an opportunity to guide users to create content or wait for content generation.
  • Loading: Informs the user that content is being fetched, prompting them to wait for its appearance.
  • Skeleton UI: A loading state that hints at the content to be fetched, reducing the perception of long loading times and helping users visualize the page structure.
  • Not Found: Notifies users when requested records cannot be found, guiding them back to functional parts of the application.
  • Success: Acknowledges successful user action, providing a positive feedback loop.
  • Failed: Alerts user the action failed, offering guidance on corrective measures.


Incorporating these basic views ensures that the application effectively communicates with users in various scenarios, ultimately leading to a more intuitive and engaging user experience.


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